We live in a world of templates, grids, UI kits, design methods, systems, guides and always on-demand video tutorials. However, when it comes to the field of UX, the real world application of this knowledge is often difficult and very different than what we teach and evangelize. Often, the best we can do is create a contingency plan for when things go wrong. However, this continued practice often this leaves us feeling unsatisfied, disgruntled, and isolated.

It's time we embrace the anarchy, the vast chaos in the world of design and devising digital experiences.

This presentation is framed in the context of musical genres. Punk rock is reactionary but explorative and exploitative. The initial impetus is to rebel, sustained by continued search for newness. In this manner, punk is always on the fringe and continually renewing itself. The field of UX has been and continually needs to be approached with a punk rock mindset.

Let's not let our jobs get stale. We need not be afraid of being different and taking a stand while doing our work. We have to fight for what we believe and be ready to challenge our own beliefs.

Let's break the monotony of this smooth jazz version of UX design. Being a designer is not just a job; it's a fucking lifestyle choice.